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The Hope Summit is where we will cultivate ideas, accelerate solutions, and inspire hope.


The Hope Summit is an annual conference and festival held in Charleston at the end of September to highlight the challenges facing our community and celebrate the community-driven solutions possible through the dozens of nonprofits, community organizations, schools, and local agencies working to create agency and hope in coastal South Carolina.


Now in its third year, The Hope Summit has grown into a 4-day gathering including a two-day conference, film festival, community-solutions festival, and ecopreneur market. This is a multidisciplinary and intersectional gathering of knowledge of capacity sharing with core thematic tracks that include water quality and plastic pollution, stewardship and citizen science, governance, ecological restoration, resilience and adaptation, storytelling as a catalyst of change, environmental justice, and traditional knowledge ways in experiencing and managing terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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Our Logo Story

The Hope Summit 2024 logo symbolizes the power of community-driven solutions and of the role each of us plays in our human and wider living communities to be positive agents of change.

The design evokes the humble Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica), a powerful partner of humanity for millenia in shaping and protecting coastlines and coastal ecosystems around the world. It also includes the crescent shape of the moon and the deep indigo of the Atlantic to evoke the role of tides in linking the oyster's local ecological impacts to the wider ocean.


The Hope Summit Film Festival

Presented by Enduring Curiosity

The Charleston Museum

Friday, September 29th, 5 - 8 PM

2200 Heriot St, Charleston, SC 29403

Enduring Curiosity presents The Hope Summit's debut Film Festival at The Charleston Museum.


Join us for three blocks of inspirational films including a Family Matinee, Afternoon Shorts Block, and Feature Screening of "Deep Rising" followed by an expert panel on the incredible recent discoveries offshore of the Southeastern United States on the Blake Plateau.


**Tickets on sale June 8th**


The Hope Summit


Image by Samantha Gades

Downtown Charleston

Sunday, September 29th -- 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Practical and outcome-based workshops hosted by partner organizations of The Hope Summit exploring topics in advocacy, professional development, mission-based storytelling, and community-driven solutions.

The Hope Summit

Community Solutions Festival

Downtown Charleston

Sunday, September 29th -- 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Hope Summit Festival returns for its third year in person. Meet dozens of local nonprofits and organizations serving local communities, browse the sustainable ecopreneurs market, explore breathtaking discoveries from the Blake Plateau, and learn about the proactive side of resilience and disaster response at the Sail to Shelter Resilience Annex.

This is a family-friendly event that is free and open to the public.

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The Hope Summit 2024 Conference

Hosted by the Carolina Ocean Alliance

The Charleston Museum

Monday - Tuesday, September 30th - October 1st

360 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403

The Hope Summit Conference returns for its second year with an opening keynote address by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, founder of The Blue Mind Movement. Through mainstage panels, fireside chats, a poster session, and other workshops and programs, this two-day conference will explore "reshaping our relationship with water, waterways, and the ocean through community-driven solutions."

Conference passes go on sale on April 22nd. Applications for sponsored student and early career professional passes open on April 22nd and close on June 23rd.


All events risk becoming unnecessarily wasteful. The Hope Summit organizers, partners, vendors, and attendees all have a shared responsibility to reduce their waste and emissions. Learn how you can do your part.

Make your commitment to accomplish the tasks below:

  • Carpool, walk, bike, or take public transportation

  • Look before you throw and use the correct recycling and compost bins 

  • Utilize reusable cups or water bottles while at The Hope Summit

  • Eat locally sourced options from the food vendors on-site or from our list of sustainable local partners, bring reusable utensils, and purchase beverages contained in recyclable metals.

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